Career Profile

Currently I go around offering discord servers my services. Such as, Administration, Setting up their server, Offering feedback, and Moderation I also blog about how to improve your server you are able to head to my blog by clicking on my website on the left of the screen. I also offer my skills when it comes to developing bots. I could code chat bridges or even bots for a fee.


Gotpvp discord staff

2017 - Present

Over the years I have been moderating a discord called gotpvp Which you can join Here Some of my many jobs that I do is basically to keep the community safe this could include, Keeping the chat clean (No vulgar words), Making sure there is nothing NSFW in the chats and making sure everyone is having a good time.

District Discord Administrator

2017 - 2018

For a year I was a discord Administrator for a discord server called districtPvP. Unfortunatly my time came to an end when the Owner decided to delete the discord server as he wanted to merge his two servers together (Gotpvp + Districtpvp) Some of my roles on the network were less aimed at chat but to train + promote discord staff Such as helpers and moderators.

Funkypenguin setup

2018 - Present

This year I have been helping someone I know in real life to setup his discord server. This person is such an inspiration to me and without him I would not be where I am right now (Blogging) he is the person who helped me get started on blogging after buying me the domain I currently use. Some of my roles in his server is to set it up Such as finding bots that suit his needs and deal with permissions and channels. You are able to join the server Here

GotPvP Nub club Co-Owner

2017 - Present
Nub Club

The gotpvp nub club is a social group based around the server gotpvp. When I first joined I offered my services as a Bot developer then gradually turned into a normal developer until I got offered the position of co-owner. Some of my roles include: Running events (Game nights, Movie nights and giveaways), Looking out to see who deserves very important nub (The role they get when they are active and deserve the role) And to make sure the server rules are being followed although you have to apply to join I will put the invite here (Note you will not be able to see anything until you are a member). You can join the server Here

COD pool setup

2018 - Present
Computing on demand

As I was setting up funkypenguin’s discord server one of his members approached me and asked if I am able to help him with his discord server. So I accepted and started to setup his discord server. So far some of the jobs I have been doing is reorganizing the channels and category’s, Fixing some permissions and adding a few bots. This discord server is based around cryptocurrency mining. You are able to join the server Here

Bencey server Ownership

2018 - Present

Well. I wouldnt be much of a server consulatant If I didnt manage my own server. So I run my own little server. At the moment its not very active but I am wanting to change that soon. Currently there is 22 Members. This is the main server where you will see changes on my bot (This is also the only server with the beta bot). If you want to join the invite is Here If the server gets more active I may look for some staff.

Firing range chat mod

2017 - Present
Firing range

I am currently a chat mod for a discord server that is based around firing ranges and guns. Some of my main jobs is to watch chat and make sure that everyone is enjoying themself and behaving. And if there is multiple members on I will host an friendly event between the members.

Phoenix community trial mod (Resigned)

2018 - 2018
Phoenix Community

I was a trial mod for a discord group called Phoenix community. This group had 10k+ people in their steam group. I have since resigned from this server. Some of my main jobs were to keep an eye on the community make sure they were safe and to give feedback to the owner about the setup of his server.

QNAP discord Administration/Setup

2018 - present

I have recently setup and is adminstrating a discord server called qnap. This server is based around qnap which you can read about Here. You are able to join the discord server Here.

Pancake Mania Moderator (Resigned)

2018 - 2018
Pancake Mania

I was recently promoted to Moderator in a discord called pancake Mania after the owner contacted me asking to give advice on their server. My main roles is to watch the chat and to make sure that they are not breaking any rules. The discord is located Here

DaedricMC Discord Administrator (Resigned)

2018 - 2018

I was recently approached by a user who asked me if I could administrate his discord. This discord currently has over 4000 members. My roles of this discord is to make sure the community is happy, modify the discord how I feel best suits the communitys needs/desires. The discord is located Here

Moneta Verda Administrator

2019 - present
Moneta Verda

I recently started working on a new discord server dedicated to a crypto coin, You can Join the discord Here

muxdux Administrator

2019 - present

I recently started working on a new discord server dedicated to a crypto coin’s mining pool, You can Join the discord Here

Wolvax Developer/Administrator

2019 - present

I recently started working on a new discord server dedicated to a user’s fan server. I do many jobs on this discord such as community management and Administration. You can Join the discord Here


Here is a list of things that I do online and in real life.

Cub leader - I am currently a Cub leader for scouts. This group of kids (aged 8-11) Meet every monday night 5pm-6:30pm Some of my roles here is to make sure everyone is safe and to plan the activities that we will be doing for the night
Bencey Bot - Over the past few years I have been designing a discord bot. This bot is programmed in discordjs (A nodejs module branched from java script) So far the things that this bot can do is moderation, A level system, Chat and a bit of Fun. I am currently hosting the bot on a VPS (Thanks COD). So the bot is hosted 247. If you want to give me some suggestions on what I should add feel free to goto my discord server and use #suggestions
Tip Bot - I recently reworked a bot for a cryptocurrency coin. This bot allowed users to tip each other coins, this bot worked by relaying the payment to the users wallet addresses. This bot was reworked from the original bot made by turtlecoin which I blogged about a few months ago which you can read Here. This bot was made for the coin 2ACoin.
Virus bot scanner - I recently have developed a bot which connects to the VirusTotal API, this bot allows users to run the command !scan (link) and the bot will scan to see if the link is safe or not. I have recently made a blog post on this bot if you want to read it click Here. This bot is currently still in beta so will be changed often.
Smart Bulb Bot - I recently designed and developed a discord bot that allowed me to connect to my smart bulbs in my bedroom. This bot allowed me to turn on the light, turn the light off and adjust the brightness. I might be adding more features down the line Ill see how I go. This was just a fun experiment that I wanted to do with smart bulbs.

Skills & Proficiency